Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You're looking at that right! I'm pregnant! This is the test taken on Sunday, Oct. 5, when we found out.

So, I decided to pick up a pregnancy test on my way home from Waco that day. I had gone to Waco the day before to celebrate with my high school friends on the upcoming arrival of four baby boys getting ready to make their debut. It was such a fun night and I remember being nostalgic that evening seeing all of my beautiful pregnant friends there and how READY I was to be pregnant again! I was just certain that I wasn't though. Little did I know I already was!

So, when I came home that day I decided to take the test for the heck-of-it. Why not, right? I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked back to the bathroom after about a minute or so and saw "Pregnant" on the test. Since David and Sabra were on their way home from church, I decided to surprise David and put the test in a gift bag to have him open as a "belated" birthday gift. I knew he wouldn't think anything of me giving him a gift since his birthday was just two days before. I told him that I picked up a "little something" for him while I was in Waco. He opened the bag and was in total shock because I basically told him that I just knew I wasn't pregnant that month. He was, of course, SO excited! We hugged and immediately told Sabra that Mama has a baby in her tummy. Since then, she points to my tummy and says, "Baby!" It's so cute!

I have to admit that it's been hard to keep this news a secret until now...especially since I've been SO sick! No joke! My first pregnancy I could count on one hand maybe a few days I felt nauseous and/or tired. With this pregnancy, it's the complete opposite! It's so hard for me to keep anything down these days and all I want to do is sleep! I've heard that pregnancies can be completely different, and well, this is definitely true in my case. All I have to say is thank goodness Sabra is such a good napper. I have to admit I've been napping when she does lately. I feel guilty about that since I have lots to do around the house. David has been so awesome and very understanding through this "sick" period.

To my advantage, as result of being so sick, I have lost about 5 pounds! In fact, a few people have come up to me and asked me how great I look and what I've been doing to lose weight. Ha! I guess being pregnant is the new diet for me. Although, I'm not worried about making up the weight between now and June. I'm sure the pounds will come on for sure.

Today I went for my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound. You can see a pic of the baby below. Sorry the quality isn't that great. My scanner isn't working so I had to take a picture from my camera of the actual picture. I'm measuring right on track at 9 weeks and 4 days. The baby looks great and the heart was beating beautifully at 171 bpm.

So, I have a feeling this one's a girl...especially with a heartbeat that high. We'll see, though. I first thought Sabra was a boy, so I could be wrong.

My due date is June 13, 2009! I have my next appointment and ultrasound on Dec. 2.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ahlquist Family Blog- Attempt #2

Well, here I go again. This will be my second and hopefully final attempt at this "blogging" thing. As many of you may remember, I failed to keep my first one going while I was pregnant with Sabra. I have so much fun viewing my friends' blogs, that I thought I should try this one more time. What better reason than now!

Oh, check back soon as I'm working on posts from October. That's as far back as I'm going as of now, at least.